In 25 short years we've evolved from a funny URL to register with ya daddy's "borrowed" "credit card" to a mood board to a milli-plus-follower fenomenon to the biggest fashion (and other stuff) brand on the planet.

Sydney, Australia. Sorry the cost to ship stuff to you in Wyoming, Warsaw or Wylam costs so much, we're quite literally the gooch-end of the planet.

We currently pack and send orders on Mondays and Wednesdays and Fridays every week (pending public holidays and hangovers.) If you order on a Tuesday, it'll be packed on a Wednesday and either walked to the post office that arvo or booked in with a courier for Thursday AM pick-up.

You what mate? Wanna ask us other things? Then send an email day or night to hello@browncardigan.com. Doesn't matter when you send it, we'll answer when we get it because that's how email works.